FSM AI Template 1.0.1 人工智能近战斗系统节点编辑器 

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FSM AI Template 1.0.1

FSM AI Template

FSM AI Template FSM AI Template系列索引:

FSM AI Template 1.0  下载链接
FSM AI Template v1.0.2  下载链接
FSM AI Template v1.1.0  下载链接
Requires Unity 5.6.2 or higher.
Current Version: 1.0.1
The FSM AI Template can help you bring your game to life with high quality AI that takes minutes to set up, design your own unique behaviors using our visual script editor of Finite State Machine that comes with a large number of built-in Actions and Decisions with no scripting skills necessary, but for more adventurous developers we do have a quick way to add an interface so you can code your own features.

We didn’t create only a good AI solution, but a complete tool that was designed to be expandable with great workflow, easy to use but powerful to achieve great end results. Inside you will find several demo scenes with actual examples that you’ve seen on games, including 3D models, animations and sounds effects instead of Cubes shooting spheres with no textures, it’s real Game Development for hobbyists to professionals, we focus on Quality on all of our templates.

We also developed 3 powerful Third Person Character Controllers that combining with the FSM AI can really kickstart your project.

- Advanced AI Behaviour (Civil, Melee, and Shooter)
- FSM Behaviour Node Editor to create custom behaviors
- FSM Real time Debugger
- Waypoint System
- Ragdoll System
- Shooter Cover Behavior
- Companion AI Behavior
- Throw Behavior
- Several Demo Scenes with examples
- Hitbox based combat
- Online documentation and video tutorials
Works great with FPS and VR, even better with Invector's Third Person Templates
- Humanoid and Generic models are supported
- Melee Weapon System
- Shooter Weapon System
- AI Spawner System
- Projectiles bullets with trail renderer
- Decals based on tags and more...


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