Optically Realistic Water 逼真的水 

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Optically Realistic Water
The shader actually consists of two parts:
WaterSurface.shader is intended to be used with the water plane and renders reflections, subsurface scattering, etc.

WaterUnder.shader must be applied to any renderers which could potentially be submerged in the water (such as the terrain, etc.).

Water.cs should be attached to the water plane and handles planar reflections and all shader parameters. It is mostly self-explanatory if you are at all familiar with Unity's existing water shader.
Just like in Martins' project, you can click and drag the sun into any position you like.

Reflection with accurate fresnel reflectance model
Refraction with chromatic aberration
Projected caustics on geometry from the water surface based on normals
Seamless transition to underwater (no post effects used)
Accurate water volume with light scattering
View and light ray color extinction based on water color and sunlight
Additional features/changes
Refraction is masked based on depth to prevent foreground distortion artefacts
Normal map intensity fades out with distance to prevent excessive distortion artefacts
Clip plane offset depends on camera distance from water plane, which reduces artefacts when close to surface
Some shader calculations moved into scripts (sun colour, for example)
Some optimisations (much more could be done here)
Removed/unported features
Simple coastline detection (I didn't want this shader to rely on baked shoreline maps)
"Caustic fringe" effect
Above/below water transition droplet post effect
Underwater distortion (it's not a real physical phenomenon so I chose to remove it)
"Glitter" post effect
Due to the required underwater shader, you may find it very difficult to adapt this to an existing project and thus it should be considered more of a prototype or proof of concept. This is also a limitation of Martins' original shader.

The shader uses forward rendering and has not been tested in deferred.


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