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Strange Snake – Puzzle Solving Unity 2017.1.0f3 Project

Strange Snake – Puzzle Solving

Strange Snake – Puzzle Solving screenshot5971c598a106f.jpg screenshot5971c5af80cf0.jpg screenshot5971c5f7ccdad.png screenshot5971c6163060a.png screenshot5971c64362a06.png screenshot5971c626d0e5f.png screenshot5971c606cde8e.png
We all know the Classic Snake game. All we have to do: guide the snake turn up, down, left and right to collect pieces of food as many as possible then the snake will be longer. This really an action game for you to practice hand–eye coordination and reaction-time. What is new on Snake Game?

This is a completed game designer, sound, effects, game-play, full map, full resource, full animation.
Easily customize: you can easily customize anything(Snakes, Monsters, Obstacles, Levels…) with Unity Editor and full document.
New legend of Snakes
Mystic Land with Unique Beauty
Many Heroes with Unique Look
Challenge with many Monsters and Obstacles
Beat Friends with Your Best Score
Beautiful Graphics and Effects
Great Animations
75 built-in levels were designed very good, you can easily create new level with Editor.
Get Free Reward: Player have to watch video to get reward
Cross platform leaderboard by playfabs
Google Analytics
Ads integration including banner ads
Fast and Friendly Support
Suggestions for improving the Game will be taken in consideration with every update

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