Low Poly FPS Pack 3.2 低多边形现代武器动画模型FPS射击游戏场景 

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Low Poly FPS Pack 3.2 卡通FPS射击游戏场景角色武器模型

Low Poly FPS Pack 3.2

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Requires Unity 2017.1.1 or higher.
This pack contains everything you need to get your low poly FPS project started!

Comes included with a third person character model, 18 unique animated arm models, gun models, grenades, explosion VFX, customizable scopes, and more!包括第三人称角色模型,18个独特的动画手臂模型,枪模型,手榴弹,爆炸vfx,定制范围,等
Easy to use example prefabs, set-up with scripts and a basic fps controller, just drag them into your scene and hit play!


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Behavior Designer - Behavior Trees for E


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POLYGON - War Pack 1.0 unity3d低多边形战


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