Infinite Sci-Fi Shooter 1.0 AI射击FPS项目模板 

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Infinite Sci-Fi Shooter 1.0

Infinite Sci-Fi Shooter 1.0

Infinite Sci-Fi Shooter 1.0 e875d6b2-f4e3-4855-969f-056dd90589a6_scaled.jpg c8adaaac-8ae1-4400-91a8-888805ef8328_scaled.jpg b2f8a55e-9253-492a-a1c7-53be6778fb50_scaled.jpg 35145019-fa8e-4bf6-862e-fcda73d7c3fd_scaled.jpg 93490b70-02a3-4002-9007-1c09ad292dd8_scaled.jpg 25976f01-03fe-455d-aed3-e78facce538d_scaled.jpg 7778bae9-bfa7-48e5-a59a-279eaf4ee252_scaled.jpg 4676c475-443b-4d20-948b-37525eae155e_scaled.jpg 55d0d96e-a5fe-4723-9172-31604acf3acc_scaled.jpg 8f6afe6c-63cf-4673-97a1-baaec3a85da8_scaled.jpg 4fe077e0-621b-44e0-a5c6-a30c7fbe9748_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 2019.1.0 or higher.无限射击包是一个产品级射击游戏模板
What’s ‘Infinite Shooting'
Infinite Shooting Package is a product-level shooting game template, let's take a look at what it contains.

Game scene is a closed base, we built it with Unity 2019's latest HDRP technology, and the light and shadow atmosphere is divided into day and night.

Event flow (supporting customization);
The task system uses a visual blueprint connection, from entering the game's menu to executing the game task you can do by simply making a node connection in the editor. If you don't meet the built-in node Functionality, you can create your own task processor with just a few lines of code to help you achieve your cool game!

Character controller;
TPS controller and you can easily extend or change it to FPS controller. Thanks to excellent animation blending and motion capture technology, walking, aiming, shooting, and squat walking are incredibly smooth.

AI behavior;
In the game, human enemies are constructed with the idea of 'personification behavior'. The enemy can not only act alone, they can cooperate with each other in battle. The enemy behavior system built into the template can help you quickly create complex product-level game AI.

'personification behavior':Monitor & Sneak Module, anthropomorphic animation system based on motion capture files, human natural behavior simulator, bunker behavior system, etc.

Product-level weapon system (supports custom);
Weapon system includes: numerical custom adjustment, recoil simulator A crosshair system that matches the AIM, a weapon switching system, a shell control system that utilizes the object pool, and the like; There are 3 kinds of weapons built into the template. With the weapon system, you can easily adjust the weapon you want.

Built-in air enemy behavior, crawling enemy behavior, large machine BOSS;
Three standard enemy modules, they can help you quickly enrich the game. Air Enemy & Crawling Enemies support clustering based on object pools. Object pools are already included in the template. You only need to design and produce your game, and we will solve the performance problem.

The template's support joystick, mouse and keyboard, and mobile phone touch input.

Infinite Shooting Package Highlight:
Character control System
Event flow blueprint system(PRO)
Behavior tree editor and advanced built-in AI behavior(PRO)
Full platform input support
Audio mixing controller
Localization support
Data storage
Weapon System(PRO)
Pick up System
Support Unity 2019
Art resources are built on HDRP
Hit prompt
Runtime debugging


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