Pool Boss 1.1.7 对象池缓存池性能优化插件 

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Pool Boss 1.1.7

Pool Boss

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Requires Unity 5.2.0 or higher.
Part of the Core GameKit system. Upgrade pricing available on Core GameKit for Pool Boss users!

Pool Boss is a pooling solution for Unity that makes it dead simple to avoid the costly Instantiate and Destroy calls that cause performance problems. All types of prefab are supported - even particle systems.

One short line of code can despawn or spawn prefabs, or you can use our included Playmaker scripts! Pool Boss has been "battle tested" in our Core GameKit plugin which includes a much more powerful set of features and is a 5-star reviewed plugin. PoolBoss是一个统一的池解决方案,它使避免导致性能问题的代价高昂的实例化和破坏调用变得非常简单。所有类型的预制件都得到了支持——甚至是粒子系统
Includes integrations for Playmaker, ORK Framework and Makinom! Now compatible with Bolt Visual Scripting!
Pool Boss works on Unity 5.2+, free and pro!


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