Rate Game Popup (Android & iOS) 1.1.0 Project 游戏星级评分弹窗 

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Rate Game Popup (Android & iOS) 1.1.0 Project
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Rate Game Popup (Android & iOS) 1.1.0 Project

Rate Game Popup (Android & iOS) 1.1.0 Project accd411e-bbdb-465a-ac1b-99c65ad66796_orig.jpg 686cb002-b57a-4d37-9c38-9bf74aa05a88_orig.jpg a231ee11-f6ca-41be-a226-9c2cb8aa7462_scaled.jpg d6279145-3b02-45d1-8ced-b29ea031a734_scaled.jpg 5da42216-cb72-4f9f-a4fb-cf22e9b050b4_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 5.6.6 or higher.通过鼓励用户对您的游戏进行评分来增加游戏评分的数量
Key features:
- Increase the number of game ratings by encouraging users to rate your game.
- Show a rate popup using a single line of code.
- Compatible with PlayMaker.
- Includes a star based and a yes/no based rating popup.
- Automatically adjusts resolution for both Landscape and Portrait mode.
- All setup is done in a Settings Window, no coding required.
- You can setup the perfect moment to show the Rate Popup by using a combination of the following metrics:
-> Sessions count
-> Custom events
-> In game time spent
-> Real time passed since install
- Postpone functionality included that also uses the above metrics.
- Full code, popups and demo scene included.
- Works with Unity 5.6.6 and above with Free, Plus or Pro license.


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