Modern UI Pack 3.0.1 简约现代游戏界面UI素材 

2019-08-24 13:13 发布

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Modern UI Pack 3.0.1

Modern UI Pack 3.0.1

Modern UI Pack 3.0.1 Modern UI Pack系列索引:

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a68b9151-0f88-4990-857d-dd39a8567a1d_scaled.jpg 692cf2ea-30f7-423c-ab7e-f76c2b96edc5_scaled.jpg e4d9bdc4-f638-4cfa-b6a6-df6fa8a1ede5_scaled.jpg b4925622-7f10-4e36-ad85-26404ec0dade_scaled.jpg 924b5a01-d910-4686-920e-a440fd2b6ed3_scaled.jpg 095c4782-8960-43e1-ab0a-8e5ea079a8f1_scaled.jpg 29b6f225-6931-4ab5-9c5b-476e4d05a849_scaled.jpg 8bdeeb06-ddb0-47bb-9357-7df0a41a029a_scaled.jpg 6c2b999d-b9b3-44c7-b50d-fc4aed112585_scaled.jpg 4c2875c2-f218-4372-ac36-33d57549cd62_scaled.jpg Requires Unity 2018.1.0 or higher.
Modern UI Pack is a clean, minimalistic and stylish UI package for those who want to have better and rich featured UI elements. Everything you see is included in the package, easy to use, fully editable / customizable and documented.现代用户界面包是一个干净,极简和时尚的用户界面包,为那些想拥有更好和丰富的功能用户界面元素的人。完全可编辑/可自定义并记录在案
• Animated Icons
• Buttons
• Dropdown
• Horizontal Selector
• Icons
• Input Fields
• Modal Windows
• Multi Selectable Dropdown
• Notifications
• Progress Bars
• Radial Slider
• Sliced Borders
• Sliders
• Switches
• Toggles
• Tooltip System
• UI Manager System

Demo scene included.
Important: Requires TextMesh Pro. Works with both Standard and SRP (LWRP, HDRP) rendering.


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