Hair Salon - Kids Game Unity 5.x Project 美发沙龙完整项目 

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Hair Salon - Kids Game Unity 5.x Project


 美发沙龙完整项目 O1CN01zVbcq41tWMuG3zyQ1_!!402515909.jpg O1CN01DHcwUG1tWMuBjriqA_!!402515909.jpg 4 (1).JPG
My Hair Salon一款超级吸引人的儿童游戏,具有高下载率的潜力。游戏为孩子们提供了一个特殊的沙龙环境,拥有不同的客户和不同的前景
A super engaging kids game that holds potential for high rate for downloads. The game provides kids with a special salon environment with different clients and different outlooks. It is a project designed with the monestation technique to benefit game developers with the best possible revenue. We’ve fostered the game with interstitial advertisements for ad-revenue too.
The project also features the option of facebook like to make your game popular on the social media. The game has complete prospects to go viral among kids in no time and yield extensive revenues to developers surpassing incomes from other such games.

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