Hoppy Stacky - Unity Project with Admob 无止境游戏项目 

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插件名称:Hoppy Stacky - Unity Project with Admob插件官网:访问官网
版权协议:Red pine1.1解压密码:通用密码
Hoppy Stacky - Unity Project with Admob

Hoppy Stacky - Unity Project with Admob

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Hoppy Stacky is a cute and addictive endless game that will keep the player entertained for hours. Tap to hop on the logs and stack them as high as you can. Think that’s easy? Just try it!
Full game ready for release.
Cute isometric blocky graphics.
Lots of built-in characters ready to be unlocked with coins.
Daily reward system for better retention.
All assets (sounds, fonts, models, sprites, etc.) are free for commercial use.
Optimized for iOS and Android.
Full C# source code.
Detailed documentation.


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