Flip The Gun - Arcade Unity 2017.4.8f1 Project 

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Flip The Gun - Arcade Unity 2017.4.8f1 Project翻转枪-拱廊统一

Flip The Gun - Arcade Unity 2017.4.8f1 Project

Flip The Gun - Arcade Unity 2017.4.8f1 Project Leaderboards.jpg IAP.jpg CodeAndSettings.jpg Challenges.jpg 2.jpg
Flip The Gun – Arcade is fully completed Unity 3D project, which is ready to be published in online stores. This project has all basic game components. Each gun is fully animated and has many particles. Game has integrated advertisement, leaderboards and In-App Purchasing system. All project settings are in one place and can be changed using custom window, because of that game is very easily modified. Game is created Using Unity 3D engine so it‘s really easy to change every aspect of the game and launch it on different devices. To launch game no coding required, but if you want to change specific game parts you can always do that because all scripts is fully commented explaining each line of code and what it does. With this asset you will get fully setup documentation and 6 video tutorials how to setup project and launch it to app store.


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