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Find The Pairs 1.0.2

Find The Pairs 1.0.2

Find The Pairs 1.0.2 fa49403d-a2f4-42a5-b4a3-4c3a2f5ff29f_scaled.jpg ef835c86-1475-4c42-9746-e29ac0b79930_scaled.jpg 1417ad66-efa7-4d4d-80bd-f8000462acc9_scaled.jpg 66bdb148-6589-4d75-a84a-062db0aebdf7_scaled.jpg 038e02ba-1b6f-4b16-817a-ef08f8e593ad_scaled.jpg 033d1a05-cbc3-4612-bb91-86091488fe62_scaled.jpg 11efd660-0857-4fcc-83f8-21a9485edade_scaled.jpg 5fd3fafc-5b1d-49e5-b6c6-c49f03cb798a_scaled.jpg 5dce7b31-0da0-4560-a867-26c919c605d4_scaled.jpg 0e499050-9f10-4df2-9979-09efb4b7f92e_scaled.jpg 15e6cc8c-2dcf-4446-bb9c-43d0db833b77_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 5.5.0 or higher.
Find The Pairs is a game where you have to flip,memories and match the pairs.

A complete project ready for publish includes many of features which you can use to learn or to build your own puzzle game

Key Features
⚪ Mobile Support IOS & Android and more
⚪ Unity UI built-in features
⚪ Advertisements Manager
⚪ Admob Integration
⚪ ChartBoost Integration
⚪ Unity Ads Integration
⚪ Confirm ,Timeout and Win Dialogs
⚪ Levels Manager
⚪ Dynamic Mission Creation
⚪ Dynamic Level Creation using Inspector
⚪ Dynamic Level Generation
⚪ Ability to create more levels in a Mission
⚪ Scrollable lists
⚪ Persistent Saving and Loading
⚪ Binary ,PlayerPref and XML Serialization
⚪ Levels Rating
⚪ Debug messages
⚪ Commented source code in C#
⚪ Easy Customization

Works with Unity 5.5.0 or Higher built-in features. As well as supports Unity 2017 and Unity 2018 or Higher.


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