Ultimate Poly Fantasy 1.6低多边形城市城镇村庄城堡船洞穴模型 

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Ultimate Poly Fantasy 1.6 低多边形城市船只城堡3D模型山石模型

Ultimate Poly Fantasy 1.6

Ultimate Poly Fantasy 1.6 f982ae9f-157d-4f8b-b4af-7fc52dd26428_scaled.jpg e2dad46b-b6cb-400c-9e32-c9f98635ce8c_scaled.jpg c2805c2e-a200-4455-a42a-92b32eeb4ca8_scaled.jpg c24d1ac4-1df2-4bad-a9fe-f305e9521d5c_scaled.jpg c4d77e10-d056-4044-a831-03f7e97532a9_scaled.jpg 52539491-a452-4882-a01e-499dbacdbfd5_scaled.jpg 6501508e-4205-40fb-9344-8b4d0803f9e6_scaled.jpg 862f0b79-595a-4964-ba02-f6de7178134d_scaled.jpg 840f4659-b023-4baa-8b62-361c70b14f95_scaled.jpg 97abe5d7-1f4d-4652-abc2-0a93710d10a7_scaled.jpg 8e3a4bc8-fa5e-4d89-8a49-d83400e15530_scaled.jpg 8ace92c2-c798-48fa-a061-54fb6a6b99ca_scaled.jpg 6d8b1d10-ea5c-4ead-b3da-4820da02b471_scaled.jpg 1ad76aff-f25c-495d-866c-e2b6b6c82faf_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 5.6.0 or higher.
Welcome to the Ultimate Poly Fantasy! This is the new update, version 1.5!

This package is, and will be, a standalone package, that will grow over time, with enough content to build most of your game! (excluding some game logic, and characters). I've gone and made this package work great with linear lighting! Please use linear lighting for best results of the materials!


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