Mega Color Switch 3D Unity 5.x Project 

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Mega Color Switch 3D Unity 5.x Project
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This is without a doubt the Ultimate Color Switcher Arcade that you will ever find for sale! Take the traditional color switch concept and max it on Steroids.

The game is a Total arcade look and feel and is full with amazing unique features such as special boosts and in app purchases!
Made with the latest version of unity and super easy for reskin!

– HD Graphics and 3D Colorful environment.
– Perfect UI & Audio Work
– Smooth Arcade look and game dynamics
– Has 5 amazing power-ups that makes the game unique and fun
– Has 5 different game modes to play
– Unique designed color patterns and obstacle shapes
– Supported Google Play Services & Apple Game Center
– Achievements and Leader boards to interact other users
– Supports UnityAds, also compatible to all ad networks like AdMob and others
– In app purchases like double star and you can easily add more


B Color Smilies



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