Eliot - AI Framework 1.2.1 人工智能AI系统框架 

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Eliot - AI Framework 1.2.1

Eliot - AI Framework 1.2.1

Eliot - AI Framework 1.2.1 Eliot - AI Framework系列插件:

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Eliot - AI Framework 1.2  下载链接
Requires Unity 5.6.0 or higher.
Create high quality AI in a matter of minutes with the help of visual programming and a library of algorithms that are ready to provide your Agents with almost any type of interaction you might want in your game.在视觉编程和算法库的帮助下,在几分钟内创建高质量的人工智能,这些算法可以为您的代理提供您在游戏中可能需要的几乎任何类型的交互
Eliot is a set of tools that focus on letting you prototype and build characters (AI) in your games with as little distraction as possible. Focus on what is truly important to achieve the goal faster!


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