TextFX 3.2.16 UI文字特效动画插件 

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TextFX 3.2.16

TextFX 3.2.16

TextFX 3.2.16
This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 4.6.5 or higher.
Does your app stand out?
Turn your boring text into something fun and exciting for your users!
What is TextFX?
TextFX is a powerful text animation system bringing you tons of great effects straight out of the box, as well as the ability to create your own amazing effects. It's easy and fun!

What you're getting:
* A Quick Setup animation tool to add animations to new or existing text
* Works with the built-in Unity UI Text system
* Supports use with Text Mesh Pro & NGUI
* Convert existing text with just one click!
* Includes own text rendering system for use anywhere in your scenes (not just the GUI)
* Position your text on 3D curves!
* Intuitive editing tools
* Clean and minimal script setup
* Effect creation & preview in the Editor
* Great documentation and support
* Mobile friendly
* Particle and Audio effect integration
* Full source code included


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