Sky Master 1.7.1 动态昼夜天空天气体积云雾光闪电风特效系统 

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Sky Master 1.7.1

Sky Master 1.7.1

Sky Master 1.7.1 b68f33cb-1629-46d2-802d-a2ede8b01b75_scaled.jpg 7e0595cd-bef2-4a2f-bf01-3e56516471e9_scaled.jpg 7f23c6c3-f7a9-4d9e-8e24-b34bc016cd1e_scaled.jpg 232b5afc-0e12-4644-80a9-dc15db852572_scaled.jpg b0e2a1c4-e4b4-495a-b3e9-960b29b6b85a_scaled.jpg 8ef57f94-d25f-4f90-a143-866af5041d67_scaled.jpg 4d800876-0a6c-4e9c-b80c-1ca2f1ebf43e_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 4.3.4 or higher.Unity的动态天空、天气和云解决方案,支持所有Unity版本/平台
Sky Master is a Dynamic Sky, Weather & Cloud solution for Unity, with support for all Unity versions/platforms and is ideal for both mobile and desktop use.

Sky Master ULTIMATE version is also available.The ULTIMATE version of the pack includes GI PROXY asset for fast real time Global Illumination without baking, image effect volumetric fog, volumetric lighting & cloud shadows & advanced Particle Dynamic Magic powered effects. Plus a wide collection of ready to use presets for the sky and clouds and Speed Tree integration.


B Color Smilies




Behavior Designer - Behavior Trees for E


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Ultimate Lava 1.1 unity3d asset Unity3d


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