Kings - Card Swiping Decision Game Asset 1.52 益智策略游戏模板 

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Kings - Card Swiping Decision Game Asset 1.52
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Kings - Card Swiping Decision Game Asset 1.52

Kings - Card Swiping Decision Game Asset 1.52 ed5cb648-0d73-4a19-a9d1-66e9d3489dbf_scaled.jpg a4c731a5-025c-4c8f-8465-5f449c2193ac_scaled.jpg 4396123b-db22-4959-abc3-4b5ab6bc6d8c_scaled.jpg 96149f2b-00ff-4ade-bad6-352c54b7b758_scaled.jpg 8529e9c2-99a0-4547-9a3e-d7b28ae34381_scaled.jpg 7bb39cd7-ac6b-4ede-a862-cad6da3ba114_scaled.jpg 4d560336-0b3d-4915-8c90-ff42ab661bd2_scaled.jpg 1f1461b6-c297-4151-a113-6d857812f07e_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 2018.3.7 or higher.
Ever wanted to create your own King/Dictator/Leadership or any other decision based simulation game? Here is the complete kit for this!

• Easy to reskin and modify
• Different decision / result types
• Unlimited number of stats/factions
• Complex value system
• Persistent values
• Inventory & Quests
• Timeline
• Dictionary & Text Variables
• Card import / export feature, to easily edit text in Excel
• Card styles, allows quick editing of the card design
• Achievements & Highscore System
• Life summarization (Game Logger)
• Character Name Generation
• Decision Results Preview
• Supports: I2 Localization, Hyper Card, ShaderO, Unity Ads, Google Play Games and iOS Gamecenter*
• Documentation and commented C# code
• Full working game example, release-ready without any coding experience
• Optimized for mobile, but works for all others platforms with mouse/touch input
• And much more!


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