Uni Bullet Hell 1.4.7 飞机子弹射击生成工具 

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Uni Bullet Hell 1.4.7

Uni Bullet Hell 1.4.7

Uni Bullet Hell 1.4.7 Uni Bullet Hell系列索引:

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Requires Unity 2017.4.2 or higher.“单弹壳”是一个二维弹壳射击模式系统
"Uni Bullet Hell" is 2D bullet hell's shot pattern system for Unity.
You can create various bullet patterns simply by adding script component of shot patterns.
*You can set 2D sprites or 3D models for bullet prefabs.

*Customizable a various bullet param in inspector.
bullet num, bullet speed, angle, accel speed, accel turn, pause and resume time, nWay, spiral num, call back, delay, random, paint, aim target, etc...

*Pooling system of bullet GameObject.
*Sample shot patterns of 57 kinds are included.
*X-Y axis and X-Z axis support.
*All script source file (C#) is included.
*Example scene of full game is included.
*Works on mobile (iOS, Android).
*Supports object pooling system of
"Core GameKit" or "Pool Boss"
(Dark Tonic Inc.)


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