Terrain To Mesh 2019.5 将地形转换网格的工具 

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插件名称:Terrain To Mesh 2019.5插件官网:访问官网
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Terrain To Mesh 2019.5 用于将地形转换为网格的工具

Terrain To Mesh 2019.5

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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.6.4 or higher.
Tool for converting Terrain to mesh.

• Ultra fast converter.
• Vertex count control.
• Chunking system.
• Splatmaps exporter.
• Basemap exporter (diffuse and bump) *.
• Heightmap exporter.
• Tree exporter.
• OBJ file exporter.
• All above works in editor and run-time.

Includes shaders for blending 2 to 8 textures. Shaders support mobile (Unlit and One Directional Light), Legacy and PBR shading models.
Shaders are Curved World compatible.

Tool is already included in Mesh Materializer asset.
Scripts are packed in dll.
Basemap baking works only with Unity built-in terrain shaders.


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