Mesh Baker 3.28.1 合并模型网格和材质 

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Mesh Baker 3.28.1


合并模型网格和材质 Mesh Baker系列索引:

Mesh Baker 3.26.0  下载链接
Mesh Baker 3.26.2  下载链接
Mesh Baker 3.27.3  下载链接
Mesh Baker 3.29.1  下载链接
Requires Unity 5.5.1 or higher.
Works With Unity 5
Combine meshes and materials to reduce draw calls. Now includes its own texture packer!
Fix models and create atlases so they can share materials (for static/dynamic batching)
Fix scaling, rotation and translation in imported models

* Works with any material and shader
* Full multiple material support
* Combine and customize skinned meshes
* UVs, Normals, Tangents automatically adjusted
* Bakes tiling textures
* Full lightmapping support
* Source assets not touched
* Easy, no scripting, learn in 5 minutes
* Runtime API
* Can handle negative scaling


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