Beautiful Transitions 5.1.2 

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Beautiful Transitions 5.1.2

Beautiful Transitions 5.1.2

Beautiful Transitions 5.1.2 Beautiful Transitions系列索引:

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Requires Unity 2017.1.5 or higher.
Simply and easily create beautiful transitions for your UI elements, gameobjects , cameras or scenes with just a few clicks.只需点击几下,就可以轻松地为用户界面元素、游戏对象、相机或场景创建漂亮的过渡

* Scene and cross scene transitions including fade and 24 different wipes.
* Camera and cross camera transitions including fade and 24 different wipes.
* Easily scale, fade, move and animate UI elements and gameobjects.
* Auto start transitions or trigger through code.
* Simply create your own custom wipes in any graphics program.
* Combine, chain and nest transitions.
* Shake camera (or other gameobject) function.
* Select from a number of preset transition curves, or add your own.
* User friendly GUI with visual curves.
* Full scripting API.
* Easy to extend.
* UI animation extensions.
* Support for Game Framework Actions.
* and more...
Beautiful Transitions is now also included in the extras bundle of Game Framework as the preferred way of doing transitions. You may want to consider downloading that asset to save.


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