Animated Bezier Flow of Particles 2.0 动画曲线粒子流编辑插件 

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Animated Bezier Flow of Particles 2.0

Animated Bezier Flow of Particles 2.0

Animated Bezier Flow of Particles 2.0 f7cf77a7-88d6-4683-a308-55b9b7e6e47b_scaled.jpg 61526899-a934-4016-9e3e-803ed211be78_scaled.jpg
This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 3.5.7 or higher.
Create, edit and modify, animate your particles flow in Unity Editor Scene. No coding required.

Supports undo, points insertion, editing of individual Control Points, animation of points inside unity editor (and from code), points renaming.

Created for Shuriken Particles Engine. Build for use from Editor UI for your integration needs no coding required. Provides clean pure .Net C# code for your developers happiness.

Main component is `ParticlesAnimatedBezierFlowController` which provides a curve with control points structured inside Unity3D scene hierarchy (meaning each control point is a game object). Curve visual appearance is propagated across all control points, while all the behavior and computational logic is kept inside a game object with `ParticlesAnimatedBezierFlowController` on it.

We created an experimental demo which runs only on WebGL 2 enabled browser such as Google Chrome 47

Tested on Unity versions:
- 5.3.1
- 4.7.0
- 3.5.7

Create an empty GameObject, Click on Component->Effects->MathArtCode->Animated Particles Bezier Flow is all the setup needed to start editing your flow!
See video clips and embedded documentation for more installation and usage instructions.


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