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Flight Kit v2

Flight Kit v2

Flight Kit v2 5beec107-c846-4c1e-8ecf-b82505b69a4a_scaled.jpg 26e77770-229d-48d4-98f0-af602d0c0162_scaled.jpg 7552c9d4-5e87-4be4-a6c9-925d2022297c_scaled.jpg 5833cbe4-23bb-4f8b-92bd-6e5e6c9a8245_scaled.jpg f3e9a16f-bd71-4222-abe0-099619fe6425_scaled.jpg d6c71e47-9a62-4b80-b06d-2f64f604b1c7_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 2017.2.0 or higher.
Flight Kit is a complete flight simulator with emphasis on great look and fun gameplay.
• Optimized for performance: runs smoothly on standalone, mobile and WebGL.
• Based on Unity's Aeroplane Controller which makes it compatible with everything included in the Standard Assets.
• Ready airplane controls with schemes for keyboard and touch inputs.
• Cool visual style that can be reused in any game.
• Includes shaders from COLR  - a set of custom shaders for full control of colors.
• Designed to easily create new levels from included assets.

What's Included
• Everything you see in the demo.
• 3 custom shaders, including COLR - full color control unlit mega-shader.
• 20 low-poly environment models.
• 5 airplane models.
• Lots of useful scripts - gameplay, UI, boids, standalone and mobile airplane controls, etc.
• 13 sound effects and 2 music tracks (menu and gameplay).
• 49 UI sprites.


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