Master Audio:AAA Sound 4.2.3 游戏音频音响编辑插件 

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Unity3d插件/模型 /[编辑器拓展]
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插件名称:Master Audio:AAA Sound 4.2.3插件官网:访问官网
版权协议:Red pine1.1解压密码:通用密码
Master Audio:AAA Sound 4.2.3

Master Audio: AAA Sound

Master Audio: AAA Sound
This extension requires one license per seat
Need a multiplayer audio solution? Buy Master Audio Multiplayer instead. Upgrade pricing available if you own Master Audio!
Now with occlusion! The audio plugin of choice for high-profile shops Zynga, KingsIsle and more! Supports all platforms!
Master Audio gives you tremendous ease of use, speed, power and flexibility far beyond any contender. Why use another underpowered solution and waste your time writing code? We've coded every scenario from easy to complex so you don't have to! We even have our own flexible "no coding" event-based script to hook sound up if you don't have Playmaker.

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