Liam|Stylized character 2.1 角色模型 

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Liam|Stylized character 2.1

Liam | Lowpoly Character

Liam | Lowpoly Character

Liam|Stylized character 2.1 角色模型

Liam|Stylized character 2.1 角色模型


角色模型 0c514078-ed2c-4efb-8479-a9ce7f43badc_scaled.jpg

Liam|Stylized character

Liam|Stylized character
Requires Unity 2018.2.2 or higher.
|| Caution: Please remove the old version of Liam and then import the update, or consider importing it in a new project ||

Glad that you are here! let me quickly give you an overview of the package. It comes with two different versions of my character Liam, v.1 and v.2. Game ready out of the box!

Version 1: It is the fixed version of the initial release. Doesn't come with separated clothes or hair styles.
Version 2: This the update I have added. Contains 5+ new hairstyles, separated clothes and a few tweaks.

I was not going to update the package but after receiving so much feedback and love I felt ashamed. Initial release was not very polished and I knew there were some flaws in it, tbh I didn't know how to remove them. This update is specially dedicated to everyone who reported the errors and everyone who helped me fix them.
**And the package includes a sword for which animations are not included.


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