Ace Bike Stunts 完整的游戏项目 

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Ace Bike Stunts

Ace Bike Stunts

Ace Bike Stunts f587549d-987b-4f17-8e63-9154c90143aa_scaled.jpg cecb0ed3-a8be-4f1a-947c-e6b48872da59_scaled.jpg c37d7b87-856f-4bb7-ba1a-de4eaa1e2902_scaled.jpg 8582ad38-25d3-43e9-a4a3-3e24ae740254_scaled.jpg 690d6b5d-2d3f-4e12-bf0d-ae2b1843beb5_scaled.jpg 78d3e9e1-7fec-458c-b34e-ac0101461c7f_scaled.jpg 8c2cd7b7-d82e-49f1-8e2c-61a4eea396b1_scaled.jpg 4d8f99e2-edf9-4a7b-9f39-3969e9474f11_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 5.6.0 or higher.
Ace Bike Stunts a complete game project for iPhone and Android devices
The package includes:
- Scripts
- Scenes
- Shaders,Meshes & Textures
- Sound Effects
- UI

This package comes with the expectation that you already have a basic understanding of Unity C# scripts, the new UI system, and some experience programming assuming you want to modify the scripts.Before purchasing this asset,play the game once on your devices .


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