Bugs Bang Pack 游戏项目包 

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Bugs Bang Pack

Bugs Bang Pack

Bugs Bang Pack fd90decc-d9b9-4f65-8f32-2f36c7624e1b_scaled.jpg f5708443-5204-42fb-b36b-3fdcc3ae9b6b_scaled.jpg ad8594e2-c731-4fa4-9514-39fc226bafe8_scaled.jpg 98405193-e778-4f40-ae17-93859c8261f7_scaled.jpg 48d681db-a11d-423d-8a83-c6facf05d5b4_scaled.jpg 41e58a51-03e5-4c5c-a1b5-906adbdffb00_scaled.jpg 14d3aba1-8179-47a1-9760-caebf38666c5_scaled.jpg 4dc3ead8-6aa5-40f8-aedb-1ec3f28b1ed9_scaled.jpg 3c7f1dfa-f253-48a2-a218-e81d1b4fa1f1_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 5.5.0 or higher.
↪ Overview
Bugs Bang Pack is educational and entertaining! It's a complete package that cleverly improves hand-eye coordination, intuitive reflex speed, concentration, and mental agility in children. Tap and drag your finger to hit and smash the bugs - be fast to achieve a high score! Use boosters for the ultimate challenge and even more fun. Bugs Bang Pack具有教育性和娱乐性!它是一个完整的包,聪明地提高了手眼协调性,直观的反射速度,集中力和儿童的精神敏捷性。点击并拖动你的手指来击碎虫子-快一点达到高分!使用助推器进行终极挑战,甚至更有趣
↪ Key Features
⚡ Complete Scenes
⚡ Complete set of Dialogs
⚡ Time, Live, Bang Boosters
⚡ 56 built in Levels
⚡ Ability to create more levels
⚡ Ability to add more objects
⚡ Ability to change the environment
⚡ Levels Manager Editor
⚡ Singleton Manager
⚡ Built in Path Maker
⚡ Advertisements Manager
⚡ Admob Integration
⚡ ChartBoost Integration
⚡ Unity Ads Integration
⚡ Set of different bugs
⚡ Sound Effects
⚡ Particles Effects
⚡ Target Hint
⚡ Unity UI built-in features
⚡ Persistent data (loading & saving)
⚡ Data Encryption and Decryption
⚡ Mobile Vibration
⚡ Support Mobile, Web and more Platforms
⚡ Support from the developer
⚡ Commented source code in C#
⚡ Package Manual

Works with Unity 5.5.0 or Higher built-in features. As well as supports Unity 2017 and Unity 2018 or Higher.

↪ How to reskin the package ?
Indie Studio recommend to reskin the package, to make your app unique in the online stores such as Google Play, Apple Store. In order to reskin , you need to replace your images in the textures folder in the package. Further more , you can change the UI , UX and the environment and create your own objects as well, fore examples : Birds Bang, Fishes Bang, Animals Bang or anything else you want to bang or smash. If you need any help in the reskin process we would be happy to help you.


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