TENKOKU Dynamic Sky 1.2.0 动态天空天气 

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TENKOKU Dynamic Sky 1.2.0

TENKOKU Dynamic Sky 1.2.0

TENKOKU Dynamic Sky 1.2.0 TENKOKU Dynamic Sky系列索引:

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Requires Unity 5.3.4 or higher.
Tenkoku – Dynamic Sky brings completely dynamic high-fidelity sky and weather rendering to Unity developers.动态天空为Unity开发者带来了完全动态的高保真天空和天气渲染
Note: Codebase now in C#!

- Complete 24hour day-night-year cycle
- True equinox & precession positioning
- Latitude and longitude adjustment
- Accurate sun, planet, and star positions
- Accurate lunar movement and phases

Lighting & Rendering
- Adjustable full scene lighting
- Volumetric lit atmosphere effects
- Multi-layer dynamic cloud formations
- Beautiful night sky rendering

Advanced Effects
- Ambient sound effects
- Advanced weather effects
- Lightning, thunder, and rainbow effects
- Aurora rendering based on latitude
- Partial, annular, and total solar eclipse

- Tested in Unity 5.x / 2017.x / 2018.x
- Codebase completely in C#
- Simple to setup and customize
- Easy-to-use custom interface
- For PC, Linux, and Mac
- Note: Not intended for mobile.

Upcoming Features
- Advanced weather automation system

Tenkoku is compatible with a wide range of other Asset Store packages including:
- Suimono Water System
- CTS - Complete Terrain Shader
- Gaia


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