GPU Instancer 1.1.3 地形植被树木草地动画生成渲染编辑器 

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插件名称:GPU Instancer 1.1.3插件官网:访问官网
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GPU Instancer 1.1.3

GPU Instancer 1.1.3

GPU Instancer 1.1.3 GPU Instancer系列索引:

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GPU Instancer 1.2.0  下载链接
GPU Instancer 1.2.4  下载链接
This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.6.5 or higher.
Download Demo Builds (PC, VR, Mac, Android)GPU Instancer是一个开箱即用的解决方案,可以在屏幕上显示大量高性能的对象。只需点击几下鼠标,你就可以看到你的前言,统一地形细节和树木
GPU Instancer is an out of the box solution to display extreme numbers of objects on screen with high performance. With a few mouse clicks, you can instance your prefabs, Unity Terrain details and trees.

GPU Instancer provides user friendly tools to allow everyone to use Indirect GPU Instancing without having to go through the deep learning curve of Compute Shaders and GPU infrastructure. Also, an API with extensive documentation is provided to manage runtime changes.


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