Simple Color Picker [PRO] 1.2 颜色调选取编辑GUI插件工具 

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Simple Color Picker [PRO] 1.2

Simple Color Picker [PRO] 1.2

Simple Color Picker [PRO] 1.2

Simple Color Picker [PRO] 1.2 颜色调选取编辑GUI插件工具

Simple Color Picker [PRO] 1.2 颜色调选取编辑GUI插件工具


Requires Unity 5.6.4 or higher.
I've created this asset for my app Pixel Studio, so you can try it using the link.

● RGBA/HSV switch
● Color sliders
● Color component input fields
● Hex color input field
● Color comparator and transparency view
● Clean and simple C# code
● No shaders and materials used
● Unity 5, 2017, 2018 support
● Unity uGUI
● Any platform (Standalone, Android, iOS, WebGL)

● Open and run Scene
● Click any point in working field (Saturation/Brightness) to pick color
● Set hue level using Hue slider (vertical rainbow slider)
● Use RGB/HSV button to switch mode
● Change RGBA or HSV sliders to change color
● You can set RGBA and HSV values with input fields
● You can set hex color value with HEX field (#)
● Press Select button to select color
● Press Review button to write a review and make me happy =)


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