Crowd Skinner 1.0 骨骼动画性能优化插件 

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Crowd Skinner 1.0

Crowd Skinner 1.0

Crowd Skinner 1.0
Requires Unity 2018.2.1 or higher.
Crowd Skinner allows you to render and animate a large number of skinned meshes with great performance! 使用“群组蒙皮器”(Crowd Skinner),可以渲染和动画大量具有出色性能的蒙皮网格
The default unity animation system can only run hundreds of full skinned and animated characters before noticeable framerate loss occurs. With Crowd Skinner, thousands of fully animated meshes can be displayed at the same time! 默认的Unity动画系统只能运行数百个全皮肤动画角色,然后才会出现明显的帧速率损失。有了crowd skiner,可以同时显示数千个完全动画的网格
How it works
Crowd Skinner uses GPU Skinning and GPU Instancing, along with the new Unity Entity Component System, to achieve incredible performance!

2 Modes
Crowd Skinner comes with two modes : Hybrid and Full.

Hybrid Mode
Hybrid mode works with the traditional unity Game Object system. Each skinned mesh will have its Game Object and Transform in the scene.
Hybrid mode is great for beginners, and can display 15 000+ characters.

Full Mode
Full mode takes full advantage of the new Entity Component System, and has great performance! In this mode, skinned meshes are pure ECS entities.
Full mode is great for advanced programmers, and can display 100 000+ characters.

- Full Source Code
- Compatible with Mecanim Animations
- Animation Transition Support
- LOD Support


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