Dialogue System for Unity 2.1.5 强大的对话系统插件 

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Dialogue System for Unity 2.1.5

Dialogue System for Unity 2.1.5

Dialogue System for Unity 2.1.5 Dialogue System系列索引:

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Requires Unity 5.3.6 or higher.
The powerful dialogue system used in Crossing Souls, Disco Elysium, Last Epoch, Jenny LeClue, The Last Door, and many many more, the Dialogue System for Unity makes it easy to add interactive dialogue and quests to your game. It's a complete, robust solution including a visual node-based editor, dialogue UIs, cutscenes, quest logs, save/load, and more. The core is a lean, efficient conversation system. A large collection of included, optional add-ons make it quick and easy to drop conversations into your project and integrate them with other assets. No scripting required. Complete C# source included.强大的对话系统,用于穿越灵魂,迪斯科欢乐,最后一个时代,珍妮勒克卢,最后一扇门,以及更多,统一的对话系统,使它很容易添加互动对话和任务到您的游戏。它是一个完整的、健壮的解决方案,包括基于视觉节点的编辑器、对话UI、场景切换、任务日志、保存/加载等。核心是一个精简、高效的对话系统。包含大量可选附加组件的集合使您可以快速轻松地将对话放入项目中,并将其与其他资产集成。不需要脚本。包括完整的C来源


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