Disperse Pixels 1.12 像素化分解插件 

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Disperse Pixels 1.12 模型消失效果特效像素化分解

Disperse Pixels 1.12

Disperse Pixels 1.12
Requires Unity 2017.3.0 or higher.
Disperse Pixels creates a visual effect of disintegrating or materializing a mesh, sprite, UI image or UI text into/from hundreds to thousands particles via the built-in particle system. Just parent the script prefab to the target renderer object and you are good to go.分散像素通过内置粒子系统将网格、精灵、用户界面图像或用户界面文本分解或具体化为/从数百到数千个粒子,从而产生视觉效果。只需将脚本预设为目标渲染器对象的父级,就可以开始了
Styles of the disperse effect include pixelated, sandy and cloudy (with variant designed for ghostly teleport/blink). There are 21 prefabs in total, and the manual details how to customize your own disperse effect.


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