Colorful FX 4.4 相机滤镜后期效果 

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Unity3d插件/模型 /[着色/阴影]
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Colorful FX 4.4

Colorful FX 4.4

Colorful FX 4.4
Requires Unity 4.5.0 or higher.
Colorful FX is a collection of high-quality, fast and customizable post-processing effects and color adjustments for Unity. Continuously supported since mid-2012 !彩色效果是一个高质量,快速和可定制的后处理效果和统一的色彩调整的集合。自2012年年中以来一直得到支持
Easy to use
Clean user interface with tons of options, sliders, presets. Complete user manual with screenshots and tips. All effects can be animated via scripting or using the Animation window.使用大量选项、滑块和预设清洁用户界面。完整的用户手册,包括屏幕截图和提示。所有效果可以通过脚本或动画窗口动画
Each effect has been tuned for maximum performances with multiple shader variants depending on the settings you actually use.

Ready for production use on desktop, webplayer and mobile platforms (iOS and Android).
Check out the user manual for a complete list of all effects !
Full source code included.
Models & textures in screenshots by Andromeda Station and Unity Technologies (not included in the package).
Requires Unity 4 Pro or Unity 5 (Personal or Pro).


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