MeshBrush V2.0 

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MeshBrush V2.0

MeshBrush V2.0

MeshBrush V2.0


MeshBrush 808aa114-2cc5-4eee-b5f4-980c43282bd6_scaled.jpg 269215c3-cf52-409e-b4a6-372aab5c34c1_scaled.jpg

MeshBrush V2.0

MeshBrush V2.0 8ef4ef39-9046-4815-ac7e-79236a0fead1_scaled.jpg 9fa68b00-83b1-40f8-8dcc-190cc0b9441c_scaled.jpg 78b0de14-3a6b-4f3c-a811-c2e6c284f544_scaled.jpg 371a4c39-1095-480e-86bb-c4ce7826d78e_scaled.jpg 0c0d6c57-07e5-4b09-8e32-3c3be7f8b9b3_scaled.jpg
This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.6.7 or higher.MeshBrush是Unity编辑器的扩展,允许您在游戏对象的表面绘制网格
MeshBrush is a Unity editor extension that allows you to paint meshes onto your GameObject's surfaces.
Quickly detail and enhance the overall look of your scenes by directly painting your prefab meshes onto your GameObjects.

You can define multiple meshes to paint, how to randomly scale, rotate or offset them, and eventually change their size additively upon generation, without the need to actually modify any of the original prefabs.

Add multiple MeshBrush script instances to your GameObject to define several sets of meshes you want to paint, and adjust the randomness parameters for each set individually. MeshBrush will then cycle through your sets randomly and paint the meshes you defined based on the parameters of the corresponding script instance.

Once you are done painting meshes, you can optimize your scene by combining your painted meshes with the "Combine painted meshes" button.

When you feel like you have set up your perfect brush, you can save the configuration out to a template file and load it up in every brush you want. You can even share your templates with your teammates.


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