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插件名称:2DxFX: 2D Sprite FX 3.0插件官网:资源商店地址


2DxFX:2D Sprite FX 2.1.1  下载链接
2DxFX:2D Sprite FX 2.3.6  下载链接
2DxFX:2D Sprite FX 2.3.7  下载链接

2DxFX is an advanced 2D Sprite Tool. Create enhanced visual effect is very easy. Controls and manipulate your effect for 2D sprites.

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Add 2D enhanced effect To your Sprite Renderer

Online Documentation : http://www.vetasoft.store/2dxfx/

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V3.0.0:- Improve speed and performance !- Add more then 100 stand alone shaders ! ( /ExtraShaders )- Add Active Update (desactive for a better performance, active to change the value in real-time)- Fix shaders issue- Add new demo scenesV2.3.7:- Fix Unity 2018 warning issueV2.3.6:- Add new FX "Blur HQx" Ultra High Quality blur

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