MFPS 2.0:Multiplayer FPS 1.4.5 And Lastest Addon 多人第一人称游戏 

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插件名称:MFPS 2.0:Multiplayer FPS 1.4.5 And Lastest Addon插件官网:访问官网
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MFPS 2.0:Multiplayer FPS 1.4.5 And Lastest Addon 多人第一人称游戏工具

MFPS 2.0:Multiplayer FPS 1.4.5 And Lastest Addon

MFPS 2.0:Multiplayer FPS 1.4.5 And Lastest Addon MFPS 2.0:Multiplayer FPS系列索引:

MFPS 2.0:Multiplayer FPS 1.3f1  下载链接
MFPS 2.0:Multiplayer FPS 1.4  下载链接
MFPS 2.0:Multiplayer FPS 1.5  下载链接
MFPS 2.0:Multiplayer FPS 1.6  下载链接
Requires Unity 5.6.0 or higher.
MFPS 2.0 is a advance multiplayer first person game kit for start develop your own online fps game, this kit include all the basis and some advance systems that all multiplayer shooter require, this game kit is very polished, using last Unity technologies with high efficiency and performance, great and professional UI using UGUI, player mecanim animations, you have a lot of options to customize to your taste and needed, using Photon PUN 2 as network solutions, you have 3 different game modes in the core of kit: Free for All, Team Death Match and Capture the Flag also have 4 player classes that you can modify to your taste, 6 different kind of weapons: Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, Pistol, Grenade and Knife, AAA graphic options, easy customizable, full C#, is much more made this kit one of the best for online fps development in the world.MFPS 2.0是一款先进的多人第一人称游戏工具包,用于开始开发您自己的在线fps游戏,该工具包包括所有多人射击运动员所需的所有基础和一些先进系统


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