Zombie is Coming 1.0 僵尸音效 血液声音和身体骨骼断裂声效 

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Zombie is Coming 1.0 怪物生物声效

Zombie is Coming 1.0

Zombie is Coming 1.0
Requires Unity 5.1.1 or higher.
Allow us to introduce you the ZOMBIE IS COMING sound effects pack, where you can find lots of zombies and blood! 该包还包括先前记录的血液声音和身体和骨骼断裂的不同质地。我们记录了不同的僵尸声音,包括男性和女性,僵尸即将到来的音效包,在那里您可以找到很多僵尸和血液
The pack also includes previously recorded sounds of blood and different textures of bodies and bones breaking. We've recorded different zombie voices, including male and female ones.
The sounds are divided by Idle, Attack and Damage conditions and comprise a real lot of different variations of zombie voices needed so much in the games.

- Library recorded in 44.1kHz/16 bit High Definition Audio.
- 287 royalty free files.
- Intuitive file naming.
- BLOOD Sound FX included!!


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