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Dungeon Architect 1.9.0

Dungeon Architect

Dungeon Architect Dungeon Architect系列索引:

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This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.6.0 or higher.
Winner of the Unity Awards 2016 Asset Store Award
Dungeon Architect is a procedural level generation tool. It lets you quickly author your own dungeons both at runtime and design-time with powerful editor tooling.
Use an intuitive graph based theming approach to interactively design the look and feel of your dungeons and control the layout using various editor based tooling
Runtime navigation mesh generation is also supported, which is necessary for your procedural dungeons
- Procedural Levels: Generate vast procedural levels with a single click
- Runtime Dungeons: Generate dynamic dungeons at runtime
- Theming: Use an intivitive graph based theming approach to interactively design the look and feel of your dungeons
- NavMesh: Generates dynamic navigation mesh. Also comes with a navigation agent implementation for moving AI bots along the nav mesh
- Paint Tool: Paint your own dungeon layout within the editor for more artistic control, and have the environment automatically build around it
- Volumes: Use various types of volumes to influence the dungeon layout
- Terrain Modifier: Procedurally modifies and paints the terrain along the dungeon layout
- 2D Support: Use the same workflow to create 2D levels. The theming engine supports sprites for your 2D games
- Scriptable: Add your own logic on any of the theme graph node to control the way the props are populated in the scene.
- Source Code: Full Source Code access and documentation
- Extensible: Designed to be modular and extensible (e.g. the dungeon generation algorithm can be easily swapped with another algorithm and work seamlessly with the rest of the pipeline)
- Sample Content: Free modular assets are included to help you quickly get started. A sample game helps demo the various features of Dungeon Architect (Runtime procedural dungeons, Dynamic Navigation Mesh, AI Agents using the nav mesh etc)

Procedural Levels - Fast runtime dungeons!
Shooter Game - Demos dynamic levels, dynamic navigation mesh, dynamic bot placement, AI bots using this nav mesh etc.
Tech Demo (3D) - A game built using Dungeon Architect (not included with samples)
Tech Demo (2D) - A 2D game built using Dungeon Architect (included in samples)


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