POLYGON - Prototype Pack 1.01 低多边形场景模型 

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POLYGON - Prototype Pack 1.01 环境模型
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POLYGON b8b5e0d7-0cdc-400c-9c48-489f44689de9_scaled.jpg

POLYGON - Prototype Pack

POLYGON - Prototype Pack

POLYGON - Prototype Pack 1.01 低多边形场景模型

POLYGON - Prototype Pack 1.01 低多边形场景模型



POLYGON - Prototype Pack 1.01

POLYGON - Prototype Pack 1.01

POLYGON - Prototype

POLYGON - Prototype b37466a2-f4b4-41bb-9afa-5ca35c68b8cf_scaled.jpg 647900af-0e9d-4551-85b7-536e3f30dc08_scaled.jpg 9447bd41-98e0-4bd4-b500-0cd39e2bb6b6_scaled.jpg 22bed329-1ee1-43b4-a5b9-586d333c9f22_scaled.jpg 04b57d1f-5465-46ad-b41d-8276c28d60d7_scaled.jpg
Requires Unity 5.6.0 or higher.
Synty Studios Presents -
A low poly Prototype asset pack of props, Icons, Characters, Static Character poses and environment assets to create a Prototype or Grey box for your next game.
Featuring heaps of cool diagnostic assets, this pack is a must for all your prototypes. Communicate design decisions with your team using the included notes and markers. Try out ideas quickly using the POLYGON style speed build blocks and primitives. Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations. A great addition to Pro Builder!
(Includes a demo scene)一个由道具、图标、角色、静态角色姿势和环境资源组成的低多边形原型资产包,用于为下一个游戏创建原型或灰盒
Key Features -
444 unique assets with x10 alternative texture colors.Polygon and Simple versions of building assets

- Walls, Ramps, Stairs, Doors, Windows, Floors, Ladders, Roofs, Curved walls, Rails, Columns, Terrains, Pipe set, Road cones, Road barrier, Wood Planks, Metal plate with bolts, Chest, Crates, Barrel, Vase\Urn, Tree, Bomb, Cube tree, Polygon blob tree, Tropical tree, Pine tree, Bush, Rocks, Pebbles, Boost pad, Bat, Knife, Sword, Shield, Rifle, Pistol, Stopwatch, Shooting target, Generic assets including the grasses and Clouds.

Characters (x6)
Dummy Female, Dummy Male, Face Female, Face Male, No Face Female, No Face Male x1.
(with Alternative Colors)墙壁、坡道、楼梯、门、窗、地板、梯子、屋顶、弧形墙、栏杆、柱子、地形、管套、路锥、路障、木板、带螺栓的金属板、箱子、板条箱、桶、花瓶、瓮、树、炸弹、立方体树、多边形斑点树、热带树、松树、灌木、岩石、鹅卵石、助推垫、蝙蝠、刀、剑、盾牌、步枪、小便器L、秒表、射击目标、包括草和云
Character Pawns (Still poses)
- Cover Female, Cover Male, Cower Female, Cower Male, Dead Female, Dead Male, Hands Up Female, Hands Up Male, Idle Female, Idle Male, Ladder Climb Female, Ladder Climb Male, Run Female, Run Male, Walk Female, Walk Male, Weapon Female 01, Weapon Male 01, Weapon Female 02, Weapon Male 02.
(with Alternative Colors)

Vehicle (x1)
- Sports car
- Alphabet and Numbers - A-Z, 0-9, #, !, $, ?, Player icon, Weapon/Gun/Axe, Home, Ammo, Health, 3D Camera, Lights, Arrows, Spawns, Skull, Words, Start, Finish, Weather icons, Save, Star Coin, Gem, Apple, Banana, Candy, Balloon, Vehicle, Error cross, Tick, Cog, Padlock open/closed, Key, Pencil, Red circle, Drawing Pin, Game notes, Folder, Spanner, Speech bubble, Boost, Potion Vile, Power button symbol, Retro game controller, Ground rings for pawns.

Primitives (high poly and low poly)
- Sphere, Cube, Oblong, Torus, Cone, Wedge, Cylinder and quarter wedge, Half pipe, Curved ramp, Pyramid.

- Glowy rings with fade, Explosion, Fire, Smoke.
- Heaps of awesome content included (see the layout screenshots for more details)
- Character setup to work with Mecanim (no animations included in this pack)


B Color Smilies



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