Smooth Sync 3.20 网络平滑转换刚体变换 

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Smooth Sync 3.20 简易网络同步工具

Smooth Sync 3.20

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Smooth Sync 3.20 网络平滑转换刚体变换

Smooth Sync 3.20 网络平滑转换刚体变换


Requires Unity 5.3.0 or higher.
Simple drop-in setup for UNet, PUN, PUN2, and Mirror. No coding required!
Smooths Rigidbodies and Transforms over the network with ease. Just add the SmoothSync script to any game object and watch it be smoooooth. 轻松地在网络上平滑刚体和变换。只需将smoothsync脚本添加到任何游戏对象,并观察它是smooths
We aimed to improve NetworkTransform on all fronts. Smooth Sync is more configurable, uses less bandwidth, and gives you smoother and more accurate syncing of your objects.

Ideal for syncing anything that moves. Vehicles, character controllers, even objects controlled by physics. Works great even at low send rates.

Used by over 1 million gamers!
Reduced Costs
We only send what you need, reducing the networking costs over Unity's Network Transform by up to 60%. Use Unity's own calculator to see just how fast it will pay for itself and save you money.

Interpolation and Extrapolation
Performs interpolation and extrapolation to compensate for lag.

Highly Configurable
Choose what you want to send and when you want to send it. Optionally compress floats to further reduce bandwidth. Customizable interpolation and extrapolation settings depending on your game's needs.

Example Scene
Comes with a fully functional and documented example scenes.

Source Code
The full source code is provided so you can see everything with detailed comments. Easy to convert to any networking system.

Professional Support
We have a consistent 5 star record of prompt and effective support. Contact us via email, forums, or Discord any time and we will work with you to resolve any issue.

We are actively developing this plugin for use in our own multiplayer game so we are very fast to respond to issues and put out fixes.

Smooth Authority Changes (UNet/Mirror)
Perfect for VR for when you need to change authority to local when handling objects.

Supports Rigidbody, Rigidbody2D, Transforms, child objects, dedicated servers, P2P setup, pausing, host migration, and authority / ownership changes. Let us know if you think we are missing something you need!

Runs on Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android, WebGL, Vive, Oculus, Windows Phone, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo. If Unity runs it, it'll run!

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