Gizmos 2.02 

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Gizmos 2.02

Gizmos 2.02
Requires Unity 2018.3.0 or higher.
Runtime Gizmos are the runtime 3D controls that are used to manipulate items in the scene. Unlike transform handles, gizmos does not modify transformation of objects. They are used to modify colliders, bounding boxes and properties of light and audio sources instead. All gizmos, their base classes, rendering classes and shaders can be found in Assets/Battlehub/RTGizmos folder. 运行时小控件是用于操作场景中项目的运行时三维控件。与变换控制柄不同,小控件不修改对象的变换。它们用于修改碰撞器、边界框以及灯光和音频源的属性
This asset is part of Runtime Editor
♥ Box, Sphere, Capsule collider gizmos;
♥ Point, Spot, Direct light gizmos;
♥ Audio Source, Reverb Zone gizmos;
♥ SkinnedMeshRenderer gizmo;
♥ Undo & Redo;
♥ Extensible base classes;


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