Pocket Portal VR 2.2 VR传送门插件 

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Pocket Portal VR 2.2 多维度空间切换插件


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Pocket Portal VR 2.2 VR传送门插件

Pocket Portal VR 2.2 VR传送门插件



Pocket Portal VR

Pocket Portal VR
Requires Unity 2018.1.7 or higher.
Pocket Portal VR allows you to create multi-dimensional portals that integrate seamlessly with Apple's ARKit, Google's ARCore, the Vive, Rift and Gear VR. You can make puzzle games, create rooms that are bigger on the inside, make a world with two or more major dimensions to hop between, or even carry a small portal around for quick switching between worlds.
VRTK Kit is also supported with both SteamVR and Oculus SDK. Pocket Portal虚拟现实允许您创建与苹果的Arkit、谷歌的Arcore、Vive、Rift和Gear虚拟现实无缝集成的多维门户
✔ Works by enabling and disabling two (or more) "dimensions" in your project, not by transporting you between locations.
✔ Create a chain of portals through many dimensions.
✔ Portals render recursively.
✔ Pick up and throw your portal around for quick maneuvering in VR.
✔ Pass back and forth through the portal seamlessly from any direction.
✔ Light different dimensions differently, pass instantly between night and day.
✔ Colliders between dimensions do not interact.
✔ Supports different skyboxes for every dimensions.
✔ Throw any item (with a Rigidbody and Collider) through the portal, and it'll switch dimensions too!

- Does not support transporting between locations.
- If you have a chain of portals all in line, the recursive rendering can hurt your FPS.


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