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Storyteller 2018.5.4

Storyteller 2018.5.4


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Storyteller 2018.5.4

Storyteller 2018.5.4
This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 2017.4.0 or higher.
Storyteller is a very powerful storytelling ,storyboarding and dialogue building , application which allows anyone writing stories or storyboarding, writing dialogue for game ;to tell compelling, dynamic and powerful stories by giving users the ability to construct visually and see the past present and future of a story simultaneously and easily make changes at any moment.

Current version can now be used in active story, storyboard, voiceover and dialogue creation, planning and more. The FREE Storyteller extension, Game Bridge is currently released on GitHub and is in BETA with source code included . and allows you to send your storyteller data into your game scene as ready to use Dialogue.

In storyteller, Add depth to your character by creating character history & evolution and by setting character personality profile where you have access to over 90 personality traits and setting any amount of character voice samples thorough direct voice recording in the editor; per character evolution state.

You export your storyteller project as a HTML which you can view in your browser. We choose HTML because it allows you to display image, text, and audio that are used in your storyteller project.
- So you can create a story using voice recording only. Change the interactions using Timeline and export your voiced story.
- Export a storyboard with text and storyboard images.
- choose to have large or regular sized storyboard images.
- choose to have your storyboard images scale to fit or crop.
- export a text only scene.
- export a scene with a combination of voiceover, sound effects text, timing, environment tag, type tag and storyboard image. ;)
- no matter how massive your canvas becomes , with a single click , you can export a clean high resolution screenshot of your entire canvas.
From dialogue, telltale game plots, linear stories, non linear stories to storyboarding.

Storyteller supports:
- text
- audio
- picture
- optional automatic text dialogue timing (BETA)
- voiceover
- character management & tracking
- interaction sampling
- character list export
- Overview export
- Dialogue export (with / without timing, audio and image)
- cut, copy, paste across scenes and entire story projects in unity
Cycle through scenes with shortcut keys
- properties tab window showing details of every selected node
- easy node detachment in properties tab
- easy renaming for nodes in properties tab
- optional grid
- optional project info display
- text editing from timeline
- node creation from in the timeline.
- character link manager system to prevent loosely scripted characters
- fast editor windows
- and more

Storyteller comes with a fast and easy to use Timeline editor which allows you to; at any time make and change character interactions and flow of dialogue without breaking your story.
You also have access to the creation of MULTIPLE storyteller scenes and detailed information editing for characters and more.


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