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Super Pivot PRO Modifier 1.34 unity3d asset Unity编辑器下载

Super Pivot PRO Modifier 1.34

Super Pivot PRO Modifier 1.34

Super Pivot PRO Modifier 1.34

Super Pivot PRO Modifier 1.34

This extension requires one license per seat

Requires Unity 5.2.0 or higher.
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Easily and quickly move the pivot point of GameObjects groups, using convenient Gizmo handlers directly inside Unity Editor.

Why Super Pivot?

Using empty GameObjects as "folders" is a popular and convenient way to organize your scene hierarchy.
But since Unity doesn't let you edit the pivot of these empty GameObjects, you will often end up with pivots placed nowhere near where your geometry and GameObjects actually are.


- Add a convenient button (optional) under the Transform inspector to let you quickly move the pivot of your GameObjects.
- Edit pivot visually using Gizmo handlers directly inside the scene view or by typing exact values in edit boxes.
- [PRO only] Precisely adjust the pivot according to the (displayed) bounding box using convenient sliders per axis.
- [PRO only] Handy buttons to instantly adjust the pivot according to the child of your choice, or to the average position.
- Dynamically edit pivot at runtime from script using our easy-to-use public API (check our sample 'ChangeAtRuntime').
- [PRO only]Get notifications from the editor API to implement your custom code (check our sample 'EditorCallbackListener.cs').
- Handles Unity's Undo/Redo shortcuts.
- [PRO only] Supports multi-object selection and editing: change the pivot of multiple objects at once!
- Supports rotations and scales.
- Supports Box/Capsule/Sphere Colliders offsets.
- Grid snapping feature for more precise work.
- Full source code available / no DLL.
- Supports from Unity 5.2 to latest 2017 versions.


- Super Pivot doesn't let you modify the pivot point of a Mesh (because it would modify the Mesh data). Super Pivot's main usage is to move pivots of empty GameObjects used as "folder".

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