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插件名称:Next-Gen FPS 1.09f1插件官网:访问官网
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Next-Gen FPS 1.09f1 unity3d asset Unity3d教程 Unity3d编辑器

Next-Gen FPS系列索引:

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Next-Gen FPS 1.09f1

Next-Gen FPS 1.09f1

Next-Gen FPS 1.09f1

Next-Gen FPS 1.09f1

Next-Gen FPS 1.09f1

Next-Gen FPS 1.09f1

Requires Unity 5.6.0 or higher.
Next-Gen FPS is a framework for Unity Engine, designed to create powerful games in the genre of shooter, action, adventure and more. With Next-Gen FPS, you can create completely different and unique games.

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Video      Demo

? Quality
Next-Gen FPS is constantly expanding, regular updates that improve performance and new features constantly added. This framework greatly simplifies the development of the game, you can use it both to write a completely new game, and to improve the already developed or developing game.

? Support
We are always glad to our clients and we maintain constant contact with them, answer all questions and even help in the development of their projects, help write scripts, etc., our support is one of the best on the Asset Store.

? Multiplayer
Next-Gen FPS multiplayer is based on Photon, at the moment it is in the Pre-Alpha, but now you can try it, and it is absolutely free!

? AI System
The Next-Gen FPS has a built-in artificial intelligence system, with which you can add friendly AI or enemies in a couple of clicks.

? Advanced Input Manager
Support dynamically change input mapping, dynamically adding and changing buttons and ect.
Support export and import input settings.
Support keyboard, mouse, console controllers and ect.

? A powerful and flexible system to customize your character and weapons.
? System for settings and camera control.
? Cross-platform control support
? Photon Multiplayer
? RayCast Shoot System
? Physics Shoot System
? RayCast Shotgun Shoot System
? Physics Shotgun Shoot System
? Melee Attack System
? Grenade Attack System
? Support different hits effect from bullet on different surfaces
? System of different sound of footsteps on different surfaces
? Climb System
? Tilts System
? Swimming System
? Grab System
? AI Ready :
? AI vs AI
? Player vs AI
? Inventory System
? Loot Weapon System
? Drop Weapon System
? Loot Ammo System
? Customizable game interface.
? Customizable in-game interface.
? Ready and set up the Animator Controller.
? Health system
? Damage System
? Screen Damage Effect
? Builders
? Player Builder
? Weapon Player Builder
? AI Builder
? Loot Weapon Builder
? Loot Ammo Builder
? Physics Bullet Builder
? Physics Grenade Builder
? Sight Builder
? Ladder Builder
? Plugin Installer

In the Next-Gen FPS includes a large number of plugins that you can install using the built-in Plugin Manager, constantly added new plugins and they are all free!
? Photon Multiplayer
? Door Key System
? Platform System
? Input Adapter
? Input Events
? Joystick Mapping
? UI Input Modules

? Easy to use documentation

Contact Us
Feel free to show us your projects or developments we can help you to promote them on our website.
Also, if you have any questions on Next-Gen FPS, in your project or you just have any ideas or suggestions please contact us.

We hope that you will be pleased to work with the Next-Gen FPS.


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