RPG Magic SFX Pack 1.0 unity3d asset 共214个高品质独特的魔术音效 

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RPG Magic SFX Pack 1.0 unity3d asset Unity3d插件,魔法特效



RPG Magic SFX Pack 1.0

RPG Magic SFX Pack 1.0

214 Sound Effects and 1 Music!

总共214个高品质和独特的魔术音效适合RPG,Battle Arena和更多!SFX是适应层你混搭为你的魔法创造了独特的声音和拟合!魔术组合是无限的!(观看视频演示1获取更多信息!)

Album Contains:
- 147 Spells (Buffs, Debuffs, Heals, Negative Spells, Neutral Spells, Positive Spells and Revives)
- 54 Basic Attacks & Impacts (Magic Swooshes & Impacts Ranging from Small to Large)
- 13 Misc (Boss Appear, Monster Dies, Skill Unlock, UIs, Teleport)
- 1 Music (Ambient and Dark, In YouTube Demo Videos and 2nd half of Audio Preview)

Magic SFX Pack Audio Preview

[ First music track: Battle Theme from The Adventure Begins Music Pack ]

[ Format ]
wav - stereo, 44.1kHz, 16bit

And if you have any music genres you would like to hear but are currently not available in our store, do drop us an email! We will be most excited to try to create your desired sound effects and music for you!  

* We release new packs regularly so there will always be the latest and most up-to-date music and sounds for your game projects!

Check out our blog if you are interested to know how and why we made this pack. Feedback to Us - A quick survey for our RPG Magic Pack so that we can make even better packs!


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