A+ Assets Explorer 2.1.3 unity3d asset unity3d编辑器 Unity3d shader下载 

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A+ Assets Explorer 2.1.3 unity3d asset unity3d编辑器 Unity3d shader下载



A+ Assets Explorer 2.1.3 unity3d

A+ Assets Explorer 2.1.3 unity3d

A+ Assets Explorer 2.1.3 unity3d

A+ Assets Explorer 2.1.3 unity3d

A+ Assets Explorer 2.1.3 unity3d

A+ Assets Explorer 2.1.3 unity3d

This extension requires one license per seat

Requires Unity 5.1.4 or higher.
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Why I create this asset?

The idea was inspired by the pain during development and assets management:

1. Hard to find large assets. For example the large textures and models with high vertexes count

2. Hard to find assets with specific properties. For example the materials with specific shader

3. Hard to find references of assets

4. Hard to find duplicated and unused assets

5. Don't know where the Unity special folder is, like persistentDataPath and also annoying to find and then open them in Windows Explorer/Finder again and again.

and more ...

What can this asset do?

A+ Assets Explorer is aim to deal with the pain above and more others... it has tools to manage assets and improve workflow, is ready for large project. It also has free version with limited features, we can get and try it from here.

What's the features?

? Searching and Sorting: multiple asset properties searching is available
? Renaming: Allow rename multiple assets at one click and with live new name preview before renaming.
? Find unused assets: make your project clean, and can backup assets before deleting
? Find assets references: Find assets references in Project and Hierarchy
? Blacklist: hide the assets which you don't want show in Assets Explorer
? Data headers customization: Show only the properties you are interested in
? Assets statistics: Know the number of an asset category easily
? Tags and Layers Usage: Show assets using a specific tag or layer
? Data Exporter: Export data to CSV file
? Color theme: Classic, Personal and Pro theme
? Workflow improvement tools: Open Unity special folder, build manager and prefab tool
? And more...

Workflow improvement tools:
? QuickFolderOpener: open Unity special folder
? Build Manager: scene overview, quick navigation and build settings config/save/restore
? Prefab Tool: Bulk operations, like creating, apply and revert etc


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