Multistory Dungeons 1.5 unity3d asset Unity3d多层地下城场景模型 

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Multistory Dungeons 1.5 unity3d asset Unity3d插件模型 ios开发,黑暗多层地下城场景模型

Multistory Dungeons

Multistory Dungeons

Multistory Dungeons 1.5

Multistory Dungeons 1.5

Multistory Dungeons 1.5

Multistory Dungeons 1.5

Multistory Dungeons 1.5

Multistory Dungeons 1.5

Download demos:
Top-Down Demo | 1-st Person Demo

Supports DunGen
PBR ready
Additional prefabs for linear color space

Package contains over 200 prefabs to make fantasy gothic style dungeons. Most assets support one-unit grid snapping providing a quick level creation.

Package contains:
- Over 200 assets including props
- 60 pre-made modules
- Visual effects of fog and fire
- Demo scenes
- Atlased textures

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Update 1.1
30 new models:
Arch alley set, buttress, tall arch, stair decor, railing elements, arched wall corners.
16 architecture presets, 1 module preset.

Update 1.2
Over 100 new models:
11 furniture models
54 items (books, potions, flasks, barrels etc)
27 presets of furniture with items.
Wall presets has been replaced with single-mesh models.
20+ new wall models.
The demo level has been extended.
All meshes has been optimized.

Update 1.3
Improved usability for 1-st person projects.
Over 70 new models:
1-st person set - ceiling parts, walls, complete staircases, arches, and more.
New doors, damaged bars, rounded stairs.

Update 1.4
DunGen support
New rooms and tiles

Update 1.5
"1-st person" set reworked and improved to be compatible with the rest of the pack
Added over a 100 new prefabs
Improved fire effects
Added new demo level (1-st person)


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